How to water your plants and trees while you are away

Summer is already here and many countries are already lifting restrictions on flights; surely you have everything ready for your next trip, but wait! Don’t you forget something? Your trees! Because of the pandemic, I was forced to stay home and have been using plants as a distraction. Trees and plants are like little children that you must take care of even when you are not at home and it is much more important to know what to do when you go on a trip and you have to leave them alone.

Don’t worry, your trees can survive if you follow these tips that I learned from my friends at Arborist Direct Glasgow, the best tree surgeons you can find in Glasgow. When you return from your vacation you will see your plants beautiful, green, and lovely as always.

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The only reason preventing you from traveling as much as you want

Every year you dream that it will finally be the year when you make it happen.

You start to fantasize, to get your hopes up in your head, to imagine yourself in the place, but the most important thing is…

You are NOT drawing a PLAN that brings you closer to the goal.

Without a clear and detailed plan where you mark your goals, you will never achieve them.

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Travel as a volunteer…

I mean to explore the world and also help … it sounds good, right? And what if you also do your project? Sounds even better, doesn’t it?
We have all considered dedicating our efforts and energy to more noble issues than those that consume us every day.
Or at least, devote ourselves to more related needs to us, to what we truly have inside. That area we forget sometimes. That area where we feel and is close to the heart. Fulfill that area who feeds the soul.
Tell your boss: “Not today, pretty. Today I decided to travel as a volunteer and save the world. ”
Sounds good, doesn’t it? But, how to start?

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How to get out of the comfort zone

I have long realized that people have a hard time getting out of their daily routine (especially in Scotland, my homeland). Every time I try to make plans with someone who doesn’t usually make plans, they end up procrastinating and at the last minute back out.

I’ve always wondered why this sudden change was due when they had been excited all week wanting to do it. But I have discovered I´m guilty of this crime myself too but to a lesser degree.

People can put very bad excuses at the last minute just before leaving that point where they felt safe and secure. But we can all learn to overcome this, especially if you want to make trips to many destinations.

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And you, in how many countries have you been?

The important thing is not in how many, but in which you have lived and experienced their culture.
It depends on who asks and who of the answer, but this is one of the most absurd questions that can be asked. It gives us no real clue as to who we have in front of us.
There are even many travelers who do not even know how many countries they have already traveled.
I do know which ones I have traveled to. But I consider it much more important, in how many of them I have had enriching experiences, I have immersed myself in the local culture or met incredible people.

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