About Me

How much have you traveled?

If you have come here it is because you found my website and would like to know what this is all about.

I like to introduce myself first. My name is Levi and in 2016, when I was 31 years old, I decided to quit everything, quit my job, sell my things and travel the world.

Today, after more than 1000 days since I took a flight from England to Japan with no return date, I am still traveling.

This blog is the compilation of my thoughts, memories, and advice from months before leaving until today.

Initially I started writing so that my family and friends could find out where I was and what I was doing but in the end, I wanted to make it known to everyone as a means of inspiration and encourage you to travel.

Perhaps you have also considered the possibility of traveling but it seems impossible. For you, this is this blog, to show you what to do and don’t.

I am like any person, neither my family nor I, are wealthy. I have never inherited a fortune (although it would not be bad to receive such news) and so everything here you will see written, is the reflection of my dedication to realize my dream: travel the world.

I invite you to be part of Dyna resorts, you will realize that traveling is less difficult than it seems and once you do it you will not be able to stop.

See you on the way,