Travel as a volunteer…

I mean to explore the world and also help … it sounds good, right? And what if you also do your project? Sounds even better, doesn’t it?
We have all considered dedicating our efforts and energy to more noble issues than those that consume us every day.
Or at least, devote ourselves to more related needs to us, to what we truly have inside. That area we forget sometimes. That area where we feel and is close to the heart. Fulfill that area who feeds the soul.
Tell your boss: “Not today, pretty. Today I decided to travel as a volunteer and save the world. ”
Sounds good, doesn’t it? But, how to start?

Choosing an NGO: Where to look?

As in everything, there are good, bad and very bad NGOs. And you are not going to volunteer in any way. It’s about your effort being useful.
What to do then? If you search on the Internet you can get lost in a sea of information and existing organizations. Do you choose the big ones with their complex and eternal processes? Or choose small ones with the risk of being alone in a useless project?
I decided to dedicate my effort to medium and small NGOs where I had more global projects. And also, places with less bureaucracy and obstacles to enter. Places where the help was more direct to the problem and without having to pay the structures of the big organizations.
But how to look for these NGOs? Because it depends on which one you choose, you run the risk of being in the middle of a poorly planned project.
On the Internet, many pages qualify and certify this type of organization. You can find a huge number of reliable pages, where NGOs are classified according to the type of project, location, etc.

Which NGO to choose?

We have said that to travel voluntarily in a useful way, we will focus on small or medium-sized NGOs that are also reliable. We´ll be considering the big ones too, but they are the ones you already know.
In short, you should look one by one and see which projects you like most and the geographical area where you want to go. I advise you to create a huge list so that you can stay with a smaller group of “candidate” NGOs.

Time for Action!

Perfect! Now it only remains to send an email to each of the NGOs that interested. You have to send them, one by one, the cover letter you wrote before.
It seems like a lie. But many people hang here or in the search.
And you know what the reason is?
Yes. The doubt, the complexes … FEAR.
But I tell you, don’t worry, and don’t be intimidated by fear. Go ahead with your project and you will see that in a short time you will be carrying it out.

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