How to get out of the comfort zone

I have long realized that people have a hard time getting out of their daily routine (especially in Scotland, my homeland). Every time I try to make plans with someone who doesn’t usually make plans, they end up procrastinating and at the last minute back out.

I’ve always wondered why this sudden change was due when they had been excited all week wanting to do it. But I have discovered I´m guilty of this crime myself too but to a lesser degree.

People can put very bad excuses at the last minute just before leaving that point where they felt safe and secure. But we can all learn to overcome this, especially if you want to make trips to many destinations.

How do I overcome the comfort zone barrier?

You have to convince yourself that what goes through your head is not real; it is simply that your mind is sabotaging you.

Although it is good to have respect for fear because it can help you focus and thus avoid danger.

Of course, if you let fear dominate you can end nervous, anxious, sweating, crying, trembling, angered, frustrated, confused and a long list of horrible sensations.

As you get smaller challenges, you will feel more comfortable when facing unknown situations. You will have a series of experiences in the head to turn to when you need them.

Regardless of what you are going to do, whether you are going to do a high-level mountain route, a grade 6 climb, or talk in public, here are some tips that can help you take the step and not get stuck.

• Breathe deeply and in a controlled manner.

• Try to visualize the results you want.

• Sit quietly and be conscious of the posture you have.

• Listen to motivational music or to people who motivate you.

• See how someone did it before you and do it, as NIKE says: Just Do It.

• Think of all the things that scared you, but that you have managed to overcome.

• Don’t think and focus on the action of the present.

• Do not block your emotions.

• Lean on a mentor or someone you trust (but note, not that it doesn’t make you a dependent person).

• Start saying yes when you usually say no.

• Don’t plan things so much and learn to enjoy even what goes wrong.

• Change your route to work.

• Accept uncertainty and the unknown.

• Surround yourself with people who are always overcoming challenges and living adventures.

• Let yourself be carried away by the spontaneous actions that occur around you.

• If the strategy you use works, you will begin to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Adventures, whether large or small, are wonderful ways to learn in life, so I am addicted to them just as adrenaline junkie that these experiences produce.

“Life is much more interesting when you go further.”

I hope you liked this article, tell me what moments you have had when leaving the comfort zone and what you have done to face it, and if you have not yet left what are your biggest problems to leave.


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