And you, in how many countries have you been?

The important thing is not in how many, but in which you have lived and experienced their culture.
It depends on who asks and who of the answer, but this is one of the most absurd questions that can be asked. It gives us no real clue as to who we have in front of us.
There are even many travelers who do not even know how many countries they have already traveled.
I do know which ones I have traveled to. But I consider it much more important, in how many of them I have had enriching experiences, I have immersed myself in the local culture or met incredible people.

In how many countries have I been?

I’d rather say that I’ve been to 58 places that made me sigh, 3 countries that hated me when I loved them. Other numbers: A plane and 4 buses that I lost. And what about the 7 nights I sleep in airports and the more than 30 hours waiting for someone to get me in their car because I was hitchhiking.
I have 12 indelible hugs on the road and 17 gazes I will never forget. 3 girls, I loved in 10 different countries. 8 sunsets recorded on the retina and 2 stunning sunrises.
I cried in 6 countries, 4 of them were tears of happiness. I smiled at 33. And I burst out laughing in more than 20 of them; none was for compromise.
I can count 11 sleepless nights, 9 beds in which I slept a lot and one of them in which I lay down without asking permission.
In one country they gave me wise advice that I did not understand until a few days ago.
I made 3 promises that I kept and another 3 who are still unfulfilled. More than 10 dreams come true but there almost 30 in the bedroom waiting to come true.
I have made about 127 mistakes of which I do not regret any and would make them again if I had the opportunity.
I have learned hundreds of traveling lessons, but none like those three.
I have taken thousands of photographs, but whenever I see that image I have a chill that runs through my whole body.
I have 11 goodbyes of which in two I never really wanted to say goodbye. In 3 of them, the tears of sadness jumped at me. Five mixed feelings and two bad memories that became anecdotes.
I got lost in 18 countries, I found myself in 7 of them.
I made 87 friends on the route from 46 different countries. 19 forgot me, plus the 28 that I neglected. With the rest I still have contact and I hope to hug them very soon.
Sometimes, I miss the caresses I received in Malta, beer and Polish soups. The sex in Brazil was great two. And I fell in love with the people of the Balkans. And to your blue eyes, those I’m going to miss so much.

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