How to water your plants and trees while you are away

Summer is already here and many countries are already lifting restrictions on flights; surely you have everything ready for your next trip, but wait! Don’t you forget something? Your trees! Because of the pandemic, I was forced to stay home and have been using plants as a distraction. Trees and plants are like little children that you must take care of even when you are not at home and it is much more important to know what to do when you go on a trip and you have to leave them alone.

Don’t worry, your trees can survive if you follow these tips that I learned from my friends at Arborist Direct Glasgow, the best tree surgeons you can find in Glasgow. When you return from your vacation you will see your plants beautiful, green, and lovely as always.

How to keep your plants alive while you’re on the go

Plastic or glass bottle technique

The first trick is quite interesting; it is about using a plastic or glass bottle. It is a well-known one and it works wonders.

  • The procedure is very easy, the first thing you have to do is get a plastic or glass bottle. If you choose a glass bottle I recommend the bottles of wine or those used for beers, if your plant is smaller.
  • If you use the plastic bottle you only have to pierce the cap, fill your bottle with water and close it.
  • Open a hole in the ground so that the mouth of the bottle fits from the middle to the bottom of your pot. You don’t need to use tools to do it.
  • Grab your pre-punched plastic bottle from the cap and place it upside down quickly:
  • In case the pot you have is bigger and you decide to use a bottle of wine, remove the cork (since you are not going to use it) and fill it with water.
  • Carry out the same procedure and voila!
  • Of course, if you want to give it a touch that makes it look more aesthetic, you can decorate it to your liking.

Learn about the Cotton Thread Technique

The second piece of advice that I can give you is to use thick cotton thread which, due to its properties, will allow your trees to absorb water through it.

• Cut lengths of about a meter (or whatever distance you think is convenient) of thick cotton yarn.

• Fill a large pot of water.

• Try to place the pot on a flat, sturdy surface to prevent it from falling.

• Bury one end of the thread in the soil of your trees and put the other end of the thread inside the pot with water, taking care that the thread does not come out.

• Ready! Now you can enjoy your vacations without having to worry about your trees being neglected.

You should also consider the following tips:

The first option that we always contemplate to take care of the trees during our vacations is to entrust the task of watering them to a relative, acquaintance, or neighbor. So if you have the opportunity to have someone you trust to take care of it, don’t miss it. Now, if this is not your case, don’t worry, here are some ideas to ensure the health of your trees in your absence.

1. It is important that before leaving the house, you take care of watering all the plants and removing their damaged parts, as well as the branches and dry leaves. This will make the branches absorb less water during your vacation time. Especially in summer, your trees will require special and specific care.

2. One of the more traditional methods of keeping plants moist until our return is to place the pots in the tub. Before doing so, you should cover the drain, put a cloth or plastic covering the bottom and place an absorbent object on it to support the pots, whether they are bricks or other wooden supports. Once you place the plants, fill the tub with water to cover approximately 5 cm in height. Thus, they will absorb water when they need it.

3. Finally, you can also resort to hydro-gardens. They are flower pots that have a water tank at the bottom, which supplies water to the roots of the trees. It is an option that you can take advantage of throughout the year but it is more expensive since each pot needs one of them.

All these techniques are effective to take care of both trees and plants during your holidays, although it is best to combine one and the other. For example, use hydro-planters for larger trees and home remedies such as placing smaller plants in the tub.

If you want to read more similar articles, we recommend that you search the Internet where you can find wonderful tips for travelers like you. Again I want to thank the professional Tree Surgeons and Arborists at Arborist Direct Glasgow for their great assistance.

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